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Ton Packing Machine

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Ton Packing Machine

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1. Introduction

FDCS serial automatic quantitative packaging machine can satisfy automatic quantitative packaging requirement of all kinds of ton bag specification of powder and granular materials. It has these features, such as high weighing accuracy, fast filling speed, less spillover of dust, stable and reliable performance and convenient usage and maintenance. It is the integrated and ideal package equipment of the weigh of bulk material and bagging. According to the features of different materials, different feeders are selected! The proper feeding machine is the key for the packaging machine to work normally. Thus, when ordering goods, the samples of goods to be packaged and packaging bags must be provided. Besides, during the actual packaging process, the special features of materials should be stated elaborately.  


2. Main Technical Parameters

(1)Maximum Capacity: CAP = 2,000KG, e = 100g

(2)Weigh accuracy: static state: superior than 1,000 ± 2kg   dynamic state: superior than 1,000 ± 3kg

 (3)    Packing speed: 2 -- 3 minutes/B(1,500 KG/B)

(4)Weighing Method: suspended bag measurement

(5)Display Mode: Digital display 

(6)Feeding method: double-speed controlled automatic feeding from screw feeder; 

(7)Controlling way: special weighing instrument and adaptive control of programmable controller

(8)Working mode: Intermittent

(9)Required working gas pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

(10)Required compressed gas supply: ≥0.6m3min

(11)Power:AC400V Three-phase five-wire system  AC200V


3. Equipment composition (standard configuration)

      1. FDCS - 2000S Series Automatic Weighing Packing Machine is equipped the following components:
      2. 固定机架                                 1
      3. Fixed rack                                 1 piece
      4. 移动机架                                 1
      5. Mobile rack                                1 piece
      6. 计量机架                                 1
      7. Measuring rack                             1 piece   
      8. 气动夹袋回气机构                          1
      9. Pneumatic bag-clamping return-air mechanism    1 piece
      10. 液压升降机构                              1
      11. Hydraulic Lift Mechanism                    1 set
      12. 气控                                      1
      13. Pneumatic Control                           1 set
      14. 电气控制系统                              1
      15. Electrical Control System                     1 set
      16. 螺旋给料组件                              1
      17. Screw Feeding Components                   1 set
      18. 链板输送机                                1
      19. Drag Chain Conveyor                        1 set
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Dust collecting equipment
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Conveying equipment
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