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Structural characteristics and working principle of pneumatic flow valve

The pneumatic flow method can be used to control the flow of the fluid by changing the interception section or the length of the interception. The one-way valve and the throttle valve can be connected in parallel to form a pneumatic flow valve, in which the one-way joint in the pneumatic flow valve. Flow valves and throttle valves are relatively simple flow control valves. In the quantitative hydraulic system, these two kinds of valves cooperate with each other to form three different speed control systems.
17 2021/12

Features of Pneumatic Flow Valve

Pneumatic flow valve is a multi-functional valve that uses a high-precision pilot method to control flow. It can be used in water pipes to control flow and water pressure to ensure that the flow of water remains unchanged, and to control the flow within a range. Inside. With the presence of the throbbing flow valve, although the pressure upstream of the main valve changes, it will not affect the downstream flow
30 2021/11

What is the selection method of pneumatic flow valve?

Any machine needs power to operate, some are external fuel power, and some are the effect of using energy conversion to obtain power. The valve of the machine is one of the tools that use the energy conversion to start the machine. So, how to choose a pneumatic flow valve?
20 2021/11

The working principle and structure of pneumatic flow valve are introduced!

Pneumatic flow valve refers to the air source as the power, the cylinder as the actuator, the 4 ~ 20 mA signal as the driving signal, and the valve is driven by the electric valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve, guard valve and other accessories. The pneumatic flow valve has It has the advantages of simple control, fast response, and intrinsic safety. In the case of strong flammability and explosion, no further explosion-proof measures are required.
14 2021/11

A problem that can't be ignored when a novice buys a pneumatic switch valve?

​Pneumatic on-off valves have been widely used in recent years, and manufacturers have sprung up on the market. Under such circumstances, our consumers have become very at a loss when faced with many manufacturers, and they do not know how to choose. . So what factors do we need to consider when choosing a pneumatic switch valve? Below I will take you through the factors that need to be considered.
09 2021/11

Which one is the best manufacturer for regular production of pneumatic switch valves?

​There are still many manufacturers of pneumatic on-off valves on the market, so do you know which one is the best manufacturer of pneumatic on-off valves? I believe that this issue is still of concern to many friends, so I just take this opportunity to give you a detailed introduction today. If you also want to know, then let’s take a look together.
04 2021/11
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