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Bag Cement Truck Loading System

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Ⅰ、Brief introduction

Bag cement truck loader makes up of horizontal belt conveyor, outlet bag structure, side chute and middle chute etc. The frame of plain conveyor is used steel plate to have a bending structure. It is very beautiful and stable. Driving device is used cycloid needle reducer and save the room. The way of tension is middle vertical screw tension. Outlet bag device make up of vertical belt conveyor,motorized handspike and frame. When it need not cement bag to outlet in the middle, vertical belt conveyor lays at the side of packing

belt conveyor. When it need cement to outlet in the middle, motorized handspike push vertical belt conveyor, cross with packing belt conveyor in lengthways and start vertical belt conveyor. Two wobbling limit position of vertical belt conveyor is arranged limit switch.

Locate it by limit switch at work condition and no work condition. Special design chute can make cement bag fall down in the middle of continuous belt conveyor.
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