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Cement bulk loading equip

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Brief introduction

  SZ cement bulk loader mainly apply to load powder material in bulk cement, building material, metallurgical, coal, chemical industry and foodstuff etc. in truck or ship. It is characterized by complete automatic control, strong workmanship, no scattering dust, dependable full material indication, simple structure and low cost etc. Technical purpose can meet international level in the same industry.

Bottom silo bulk loader

1、Sketch of bottom silo bulk loader(SZ-I)


  (1)Bulk loader don’t suit clay, corrosive and higher than 150 centigrade material.

  (2)Confirm loading speed of type SZ cement bulk loader by outlet valve and conveying capacity of conveying equipment.

  (3)Select pneumatic valve if there is compressed air source at site(pressure is about 0.4MPa).

  (4)Design and manufacture especially for special request.

  (5)When placing an order, type SZ cement bulk loader has two types of control which are control cabinet and button control.

  (6)When placing an order, note the type and quantity and attach workmanship drawing.

Bulk loader beside silo

1、Sketch of bulk loader beside silo(SZ-II)

1、Air slide   2、Electric switch valve
3、Inflation spiral gate   4、Outlet connecting groove
5、Aerating case   6、Dust filter
7、Bulk loading head   8、Connecting pipe
9、Air slide fan   10、Support


  (1)Bulk loader is installed beside silo and loading capacity is 60 to 300t/h;

  (2)The slope of air slide is 6 °. When increasing or reducing the slope, loading capacity will be variable.

Movable train cement bulk loader

1、Sketch of movable train cement bulk loader(SZ- Ⅲ )

1、Shell 2、Fan 3、Material meter
4、Travel motor 5、Inlet device 6、Steel rail
7、Hoisting device 8、Bulk head 9、Travel switch
2、Technical parameter list

  Dust filter is supplied by the user. Air volume is 4200m3/h. Control cabinet is placed an order in another. Design it according to control request and system condition.


  (1)The user supply and fix steel steel rail which is not including the order.

  (2)Steel rail should be in the same level and height difference is less than 1mm, The height difference of connection should be less than 1mm.

  (3)The center distanc eof steel rail is 1000±1.5mm;

  (4)Weld one support plate of travel switch JY28-00-13 as limit position at the position of 5620mm end steel rail.

Truck bulk loade

1、Sketch of truck bulk loader(ZSQ-150)

2、Technical parameter table

Dust filter is supplied by the user. Air volume is 40m3/min. Control cabinet is placed an order in another.
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