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Clinker Bulk Loader

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Ⅰ、Brief introduction

  Clinker bulk loader is an equipment that load clinkers( ≤ 50mm) automatically from stock house to the bulk truck or ship. It makes up of manual rod valve, motorized fan valve, hoisting unit, flexible outlet device, dust hose, capacitor limit switch and electric control system,

etc. The user may select beside silo clinker bulk loader (Attaching drawing 2).

Ⅱ、Technical parameter table

Technical capacity
Technical parameter
Conveying material
Cement clinker or similar lump material
Material density
Clinker 1.45t/m³ Clinker 1.45t/m³
Material temperature
Material granularity
 Loading capacity
Flexible distance of outlet head
According to user’s request.
Hand rod valve
410 10mm
Motorized fan valve
700 00mm
 Pneumatic rod valve
700 OOrnrn
8m/min 20kN 3kW
Material meter
SLW-310 Work voltage 24VDC
Loading power

Note:Change material to meet user’t material temperature and material granularity.

Ⅲ、Work principle

  When transport tool is in loading position, open the rod number of rod valve. Push “down button” of control cabinet, outlet head will cut off the power of lifting motor automatically. Push “loading button”, it is in loading condition. The other auxiliary equipments will work at same time, too. The dust will be conveyed to purify in dust filter by flexible dust hose when discharging. When outlet head is filled, it will start to lift and alarm at the same time. The lifting distance is preset before loading material. If lifting distance is 1m, the time of time relay is setup T=1/V. Loading is still on during lifting. When outlet head is filled, operate the above again, until material is filled. Push stop button and make electromagnetic vibrator reverse brake, or close fan valve to stop working. After stopping, push “up button” to make outlet hopper away from material and ensure transport tool move and align with second loading position, until hopper is filled.

1、Sketch of clinker bulk loader of bottom silo (Drawing 1)

2、Sketch of bulk loader beside silo(Drawing 2)


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