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Bucket elevator

Affiliate classification

Ⅰ、Brief introduction

  At present, the commonly used bucket elevators in China are vertical type The relatively newer type with standards in compliance with TB3926-85 are type TD and TH. Their main features, uses and models are shown in Table 1.

Table1 TD,TH type bucket elevator feature, model table

Order for TH800,TH1000 type bucket elevator shall be placed after consulting with manufacturer, and its conveying capacity is not included in this table

Ⅱ、TD type bucket elevator

  1、Structure style of TD type bucket elevator

(1) Driving device: There are two forms of driving device of TD type bucket elevator and each matched with YZ or ZQ (YY) type reducer. YZ type shaft –mounted reducer is directly sheathed on the spindle head. In this way the driving platform and coupling can be saved to achieve compact structure and light weight. Inside the device there is anisotropic roller brake with reliable brake. The reducer is with low noise and stable running and can float with main spindle to eliminate installation stress.
(2) TD type bucket elevator is equipped with four type buckets: Q type (shallow bucket), H type (arc bottom bucket), Zd type (mid deep bucket), Sd type (deep bucket).
Table2 TD,TH type bucket elevator technical performance

  The bucket volume shown in table is water filling volume and similar to actual filling volume in application, therefore the filling coefficient φ is not considered when calculating conveying capacity, and corrected value of φshall be calculated as per material size during actual model selection and using this value to amend the conveying capacity shown in this table.

2. TD type bucket elevator outline and installation dimension
  TD type bucket elevator outline refer to figure 1, and main dimension refer to table 3

TD type bucket elevator outline drawing
Table3 TD type bucket elevator outline size specification
Ⅲ、TH type bucket elevator

  (1)TH type bucket elevator outline and installation dimension

Figure 2 TH type bucket elevator outline drawing

Table4 Bucket elevator outline size specification

Ⅳ、NE type bucket elevator

  (1)Purpose and features

  NE type bucket elevator is lifting equipment of plate link chain type, gravity induced discharging. It is suitable for vertical conveying of powdery, granular, small lump material such as raw meal, cement, coal, limestone, dry clay and clinker etc.

Compared with other elevators, is has following features:The serviceable plate link chain is with high shearing strength, fatigue strength and wear-resisting property, low operation failure rate as well as long service time.Adopting lower chain speed (0.5m/s).Adopting large capacity bucket and smaller buckets pitch with low driving power and large conveying capacity. Especially suitable for lifting crushed limestone and cement clinker.

  (2)Model representing methods

  (3)Specification and Performance

  Driving device can be divided into left installation and right installation which can be configured according to user requirements. Facing feeding inlet of elevator, if drive device located at left side of elevator means left installation and right side of elevator means right installation.

  (4)Outline and installation dimension

  Bucket elevator is equipped with hoisting support for maintenance use. If elevator located inside and civil lifting hook is equipped at elevator top, then hoisting support at top can be required to be cancelled by customer when placing order. The upper casing of elevator is equipped with running gear platform, and if site space cannot meet the requirements of the platform size,nonstandard size platform can be allocated according to actual condition in site but prior notice shall be given before placing order.

NE type elevator combination is not listed, and normally each elevator is often matched with one block intermediate casing with inspection door only. If user requires increasing quantity of intermediate casing with inspection door or changing the opening position of inspection door, these requirements shall be marked before placing order.

Specification and nature of NE type bucket elevator

NE type bucket elevator outline diagram
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