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HMC(DMC) series pulse single dust collector

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Ⅰ、Brief introduction

  HMC series pulse single dust collector is optimized designed small size bag filter after absorbing experiences of similar products at home and abroad. This series bag filter adopt deashing method of pulse injection with advantages of good dust removal effect, high purification efficiency, high air volume, long service life of filter bag, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation. It is widely used for purification treatment of non-fibrous dust in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, mines and other industrial and mining enterprises.

Polyester needle felt is commonly used as filter bag material with allowed continuous use temperature ≤120℃ . Other temperature resisting filter material shall be selected if temperature increases, or cooling measures be taken before high temperature exhaust gas entering into bag filter.
If bag filter is used for treatment of flammable and explosive dust such as pulverized coal etc. then explosion-proof device will be added meanwhile antistatic coating will be adopted on filter bag.
This series of dust collector can be for outdoor installation, negative or positive pressure operation and without any change on the whole structure. Dust collection efficiency can be more than 99.9%, and dust content in purified gas less than 50mg/m3 (standard).
If this series of dust collector is used in cold region, and when the outdoor heating calculation temperature ≤-25 ℃ , heating device shall be added, and dust collector shell shall be additionally provided with insulating layer

Ⅱ、Main technical parameters of dust collector

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